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Retail Prices At Pharmacies

If you have no insurance and you're paying out-of-pocket, CALL AROUND because pharmacies can charge very different prices for the same drug. Also, ask about LOWER PRICES (per pill) if you buy a 90-day vs. 30-day supply.

www.Goodrx.com - Gives estimated prices for a particular drug at each pharmacy to comparison shop, plus drug company and pharmacy coupons.

Walmart $4/$10 generics: - Has hundreds of generic drugs between $4-$10.

Costco: You don't need to be a member to use the Costco pharmacy and get lower retail prices for many drugs.

Longs Drugs (CVS): One of the most widely found pharmacies in Hawaii.

Target $4/$10 generics: Similar to Walmart's $4/$10 generic drug list. $4 for 30 days supply, $10 for 90 day supply of many commonly prescribed generic drugs.

Walgreens: Has a "Balance Rewards" program.

K-mart: Has a $5/$10 generic drug list .

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