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Welcome to The Prescribing Guide for Hawaii

We know that medications can be expensive for many people. Our goal is to help Hawaii's clinicians know whether a drug is covered by insurance and what it'll cost.

As of March 8, 2022 we now link to www.eNavvi.com which lets you search health plan formularies.in Hawaii .It's a great tool and free! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Health Plans - provides links to plans' formularies, prior authorization tools such as www.Covermymeds.com,, and a list of Medicaid plans that cover 90day prescriptions (i.e. AlohaCare, Ohana, UHC, but not HMSA Quest)..

Retail Prices - links to www.GoodRx.com, Walmart $4/$10 generic list, Costco prices, etc.

Assistance Programs - describes programs that provide drugs for free to people in need

Other Resources - links to Epocrates, etc.

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